NWILED Announces New Goals

NWILED Announces New Strategic Goals
Hanover, IL – Northwest Illinois Economic Development (NWILED) is pleased to announce their strategic goals for 2020-2023, approved at the August 12th board meeting. They include:
  • Helping with 24 business starts or expansions, project value below $300,000
  • Helping with 3 business expansions or relocations, project value above $300,000
  • Launching 2 new programs to expand the economic ecosystem of our region
Says Joseph Mattingley, NWILED Vice-Chair and Market Vice-President for Illinois Bank and Trust, “The primary goals of the strategic plan tie to our mission and values and define specifically how Northwest Economic Development will leverage its resources and talents to meet the need of economic development within our region.”
NWILED will use these goals as a way to measure progress and impact, while at the same time creating a regional vision. By making the goals public, the organization hopes to increase engagement across the three counties served, and to provide people with a way to advance economic development moving forward.
“NW Illinois Economic Development exists to serve businesses, and we often receive a lot of potential projects,” says Emily Legel, NWILED executive director. “These goals give us a means to assess them to make sure we are keeping in line with our vision and stakeholder expectations. By sticking to this plan, we are able to support our existing businesses while creating a welcoming environment for new businesses and residents in the future.”
For more information about these goals and other programming, please visit nwiled.org.