Quality of Life

Living in rural Illinois is not for everyone. Certainly there are differences between us and the big city. But if you won't miss traffic jams that go on forever or neighbors perched outside your bathroom window… or if you can get used to kayaking a quiet stream, attending community theater, watching a sunset over the hills any day you wish or sipping a chilled glass of lemonade on your porch while watching the birds at your feeder, Northwest Illinois might just be like heaven.


Beautiful locally grown flowers 

Gorgeous night to enjoy the sunset with spectacular views. 

Show us those muscles Hayley!!!

It is finished and we couldn't be more excited about the end result.

Art from the ordinary

The kitchen will be cooking up fresh and savory dishes.


We love our small town of Savanna. We have transplants and business owners from all walks of life and different backgrounds.

I'm grateful to live somewhere with sunrises that are just as beautiful as our sunsets.

We have decided to support our community and help it grow by sponsoring the preschool wing for our local Arts and Recreation Center's new location.

Fog in the bottoms near Galena, Illinois. 2016. Enjoy, thank you..!

Mom, Berkeley, and I found some great finds at #estateofconfusion.

The garlic is in! Saturday was our planting day where we planted 18 different garlic varieties.

The good life! Love the peace and quiet of living here.

Somewhere over the rainbow you will find Galena!

I like E-Town a latte.