NW Illinois Economic Development's (NWILED) vision is to advance economic prosperity in Northwest Illinois by fostering business growth, thereby improving the quality of life in our region.

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“I want to thank you for all that you did recently to help us locate land parcels for prospective community projects in Jo Daviess County. Your knowledge of the local communities, their regulatory structures and your recommendations on specific land parcels that we subsequently pursued was enormously helpful and made our efforts there very efficient. Also, the immediate comfort level with the local community members when they learned that I was referred to them by you was something that could not have been achieved as readily through my own efforts.“
Lloyd W. Kolb, Managing Director - Midwest Utility Market, EnSync Energy Systems

“The tax abatements really helped strengthen the economic justification for the project. As we are in a very competitive environment, the local tax structure has a significant impact on the economic model. That plays a large part when making a decision to move forward with a project like ours.

Local experts also played a large part in the project's success. The process went smoothly, as we had valuable assistance from NWILED. Lisa McCarthy, the Alliance's Executive Director, was a solid partner. She was great to work with, and we benefited from her knowledge and expertise." View Tessenderlo Kerley testimonial.
Katherine Vaiente, Marketing and Communications Manager, Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.

“I can't say enough about the asset NWILED is for Warren and the Tri-County area. The assistance received from this organization has been phenomenal. NWILED is a wonderful resource for the entrepreneur and established businessman alike. NWILED is a leader in envisioning the future for our corner of the Midwest and seeking out the tools to make it work for our generation and the next generation to come.“
Wayne Raisbeck, President, Village of Warren

“NWILED has been very involved in the promotion of economic development in our area. They've assisted local high schools in touring some of our manufacturing facilities. This is a great way for our youth to gain insight into the job opportunities available to them. I feel NWILED is a great asset to our area and would be a great benefit to anyone looking to locate to the Midwest.“
Don Schaible, Mayor, Village of Hanover