Research Studies

Jo Daviess County Workforce Housing Needs Assessment Study

(Expected July 2022)

Passenger Rail Extension Feasibility Study

In 2022 the East Central Intergovernmental Association (ECIA) completed a feasibility analysis for implementation of competitive intercity passenger rail service between Chicago, Illinois and Dubuque, Iowa as a potential way to meet the evolving transportation needs of eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois including growing urbanization; changes in traditional employment sectors; a surge in personal travel; an expanded global economy; increasing construction, maintenance, and fuel costs; and climate change awareness. The proposed service would support regional goals such as providing reliable and convenient alternative transportation options, reducing highway congestion and associated emissions, facilitating economic growth, catalyzing development and improving access between communities, and promoting connectivity with other transportation modes.

Bi-State Freight Study

In 2018 Blackhawk Hills and Regional Council (BHRC) and East Central Intergovernmental Association's (ECIA) completed the bi-state freight study to provide updated data for supply chain and freight needs.